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The Measles & Rubella Initiative blog has a new home, on our newly designed website!  The new site also features an exciting interactive map, which displays the latest news about the global effort to stop measles and rubella. This blog site will remain active for some time, but for the very latest, come and visit, … Continue reading

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CDC issues rubella travel alerts for Japan and Poland

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued travel alerts for Japan and Poland following the increased number of reported rubella cases in both countries. The Level 2 alert cautions travelers to practice enhanced precaution, giving important information especially to susceptible pregnant women. As of May 29, 2013, over 8,500 laboratory-confirmed rubella cases have … Continue reading

WHO warns of increased risk of disease epidemics in Syria and neighbouring countries

Over the past two years, Syria’s health system has been severely disrupted. New cases of measles have reappeared due to a drop in national vaccination coverage. In the first quarter of 2013, the number of laboratory-confirmed measles cases in Syria reached 139, compared to zero cases in 2010 and 2011. National campaigns to vaccinate children … Continue reading

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Measles in the Western Pacific Region: progress towards elimination, 2009 – 2012

The Western Pacific Region’s success in measles incidence reaching a historic low, decreasing by 83% from 34.0 to 5.9 cases per million population, is the highlight of a new progress report published in WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record and the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report. The report also states that additional efforts are needed to … Continue reading


What CRS really means for families

Japan is facing the biggest rubella outbreak in a decade right now, and has recorded more than 5,000 rubella cases from January to April. In Wales, which is suffering a large measles outbreak, public health officials are warning about the potential for a rubella outbreak given about 38,000 people have not had their measles-mumps-rubella jab. … Continue reading


Sophie and Olive draw their week in India

When it comes to people in India, there are only big numbers. More than 1.2 billion people live in the country, and about 27 million children are born there every year. For measles control, India is also thinking big. Health workers are in the final phases of vaccinating 134 million kids from ages 9 months to … Continue reading


CDC & Gates Foundation welcome renowned illustrator Sophie Blackall

In honor of World Immunization Week, the CDC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation each highlighted the importance of stopping measles by welcoming the talented illustrator Sophie Blackall to open ‘Let Every Child Have a Name:  The Road to a World Without Measles’. The exhibit was inspired by Ms. Blackall’s trip to the Democratic Republic of the … Continue reading

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Storifying it: measles and rubella in the news on World Immunization Week

As World Immunization Week edges to a close, there are renewed calls for action to meet the global commitments to eliminate measles and rubella and dramatically reduce measles deaths. As England announces a national campaign to stop its measles outbreak, a new commentary piece published today in The Lancet calls for Europe to take urgent action … Continue reading

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50 years: measles vaccine protects multiple millions

In this age of next-generation smartphones and tablets, how many 50-year old inventions are still relevant? The measles vaccine was licensed half a century ago in the United States. Today it’s used in every single country of the world, and about 110 million babies receive their first dose by the time they turn one. Tens … Continue reading

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New Measles & Rubella Initiative 2012 Annual Report & Outbreak Fund

Quick look: The Measles & Rubella Initiative Annual Report 2012  Dear Friends, As we embark on World Immunization Week 2013, we’re reminded of the successes and potential benefits of immunization, and of the tremendous work we still have before us. Within the broader immunization agenda, the world has made firm commitments to reduce measles deaths, and … Continue reading


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