What CRS really means for families


Japan is facing the biggest rubella outbreak in a decade right now, and has recorded more than 5,000 rubella cases from January to April. In Wales, which is suffering a large measles outbreak, public health officials are warning about the potential for a rubella outbreak given about 38,000 people have not had their measles-mumps-rubella jab. … Continue reading

50 years: measles vaccine protects multiple millions

Nepal_MR_FebMar12_Immunization  214

In this age of next-generation smartphones and tablets, how many 50-year old inventions are still relevant? The measles vaccine was licensed half a century ago in the United States. Today it’s used in every single country of the world, and about 110 million babies receive their first dose by the time they turn one. Tens … Continue reading

Measles: What progress in a decade?


Increased global measles vaccination coverage, an overall reduction in cases and improved surveillance are some of the highlights from a new report summarizing progress in measles control from 2000-2010. The report, published in WHO’s Weekly Epidemiological Record and the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report provides an authoritative analysis on how measles control efforts have improved, the recent … Continue reading


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