3 New Time-Saving Presentation Features You Need To Know

Our latest Presentation features expedite coaching workflows without sacrificing quality. Learn how these features help Analysts build engaging presentations in less time.

Highlighting match performance is a crucial means of communication for coaches & athletes. Today, Catapult’s presentation tools within the Pro Video Suite now feature new workflows for Analysts to create and share engaging presentations efficiently.

As we kick off 2024, we want to highlight key features that are designed to expedite presentations workflows without sacrificing quality.

And with that, here are the time-saving presentation features that you need to know: 

1. Apply Annotations Fast with Quick Track

There are several ways to add & track annotations in Catapult’s Presentation Tools. These include applying auto-tracking capabilities to individual player annotations and the standard key framing workflow to apply multiple annotations to a series of players on the pitch.

Now, Analysts can leverage our new Quick Track feature to quickly apply multiple annotations across multiple players on the pitch. 

Using Quick Track, Analysts can add multiple annotations with a simple click-to-add workflow. Quick Track is designed to automate existing key framing workflows which saves Analysts a noticeable amount of time building presentations.

Putting it to the test – a 70% reduction in build times 

We put the Quick Track feature to the test and the results speak for themselves. Adding multiple annotations using key framing took an average of 1:40. Using Quick Track on the same presentation clocked in at 40 seconds. The results? A staggering 70% reduction in time.

2. Build Tactics Boards Alongside Presentations 

Tactics Boards are our latest feature in Presentations that allows analysts to create formation boards alongside video presentations in the same place.

Previously, formations were built and presented separately to video and presentations, often in tools like Keynote. Now using Tactics Boards, coaches can present formations alongside video and thus provide players with additional context to match strategy and training preparations.

New functionality + similar workflow = time saved

We designed Tactics Boards in our Presentation Tools to reflect the same workflows. This in turn gives Analysts the ability to create custom boards alongside Presentations in Pro Video. Best of all, Tactics Boards are saved and added to future presentations to save time throughout the season. 

The Tactics Board feature will be available to Football teams starting in February 2024 with development planned for other sports in the future.

3. Create Annotation & Data Presets

Our Presentation Tools allow analysts to identify teams, players, and unique identifiers with customized colours and styling.

Now with Annotation Presets, applying these custom options is streamlined for every new presentation. Analysts can now search presets and apply custom properties from previous builds to save time. 

Now with Annotation Presets, applying these custom options are streamlined for every new presentation. Analysts can now search presets and apply custom properties from previous builds to save time.

Custom views for every coach

Analysts can also manage data columns within presentations in addition to styling presets. Using the column manager, Analysts can pre-set specific columns specific to every coach or presenter. This means columns containing event data, coaching notes, and label groups can be moved and added to column presets in presentations with a click of a button. 

Want more workflow optimizations?

Beyond these time-saving presentation features is an entire platform to power every analysis workflow. Catapult Pro Video delivers a comprehensive performance analysis solution for teams at every level of play. 

What to see Pro Video in action? Schedule a custom Pro Video demo to learn how your team can optimize your analysis workflows, uncover new insights, and much more. 

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