Catapult lands German Football Association and extends number of Bundesliga teams

Back in February 2021, SBG, a Catapult company, made the bold decision during the pandemic to strengthen its position in elite football and motorsports. This was following a successful 2020, which saw the partnership of many new customers from the Bundesliga and the opening of an office in Koln, Germany.

The benefits of this have strengthened our position as we have already started working with the German National Football Association (DFB) followed by Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart and handball team Fuchse Berlin.

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Solutions for Football – MatchTracker, Focus and Vector.

MatchTracker video technology covers all aspects of competitive games, including the opposition’s playing strategies. It delivers teams tactical playing patterns in possession and highlights the movements and attributes of individual players in order to enhance their performance. Read more about MatchTracker by downloading our free brochure, click here.

Focus is our video analysis tool that allows teams to record multiple video angles in the stadium and training ground, allowing interactivity and touch control for pitch-side interaction. It also empowers staff with real-time collaborative viewing and sharing of video and tags so insights can be shared and actioned faster. To learn more about focus, click here.

Catapult Vector is our seventh-generation elite wearable solution. It sets new standards for accuracy, usability and efficiency to empower critical decisions about performance, risk, and return to play. It combines GNSS technology with Catapult’s ClearSky LPS for data reporting indoors or outdoors. Vector is the smallest GNSS/LPS device for tracking athletes and provides sport-specific insights to coaches and athletes. Download our free Vector brochure, today. Click here.


German National Football Association (DFB)

The new relationship with the DFB, the single largest sports federation in the world, begins with the ‘21-’22 season. The deal includes the use of video technologies MatchTracker and Focus along with Vector wearables to provide data insights to the German National Football Team to optimize player performance and to inform decisions to help reduce the risk of injuries. All 15 men’s and women’s teams will use Catapult video technology, and 10 teams will be powered by Catapult wearables data.

“Catapult’s solutions allow us to make objective decisions about how we train our athletes and how we establish our competitive advantage over opponents,” said Christofer Clemens, Head of Analysis for the German Football Association. “It gives coaches and athletes confidence that they are seeing a full view of performance for everyone on the pitch. This deal will power our insights over a number of years.”

This deal showcases why so many National Federations and top Bundesliga clubs have been moving to Catapult Sports as they endeavour to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

“We strive every day to unleash the potential of every athlete and team, and we’re proud to work with the prestigious DFB to fulfill that ambition,” says Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult.

“We’re looking forward to working with the DFB to unlock what even the best coaches in the world cannot see on film or from the sidelines. This technology will empower athletes at all levels with data and insights to perform at their best.”

VfB Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart joins a growing number of Bundesliga clubs – Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt and many more – in adopting our innovative performance analysis tools for the First Team and Academy Teams. VfB Stuttgart will be using our MatchTracker and Focus applications to perform their pre-match planning, live in-game analysis, and post-match review.

Mathias Munz, Manager of Science, Technology & Innovations at VfB explains, “We are proud to be partnering with SBG, a Catapult company, and we look forward to building on our already-strong working relationship for years to come. SBG has an intimate knowledge of performance analysis and working closely with them will allow us to streamline our processes and gain a deeper understanding into our data.”

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Handball growth for Catapult

The Fuchse Berlin coaching team, will be the first handball team in Germany to be SBG using our next generation video analysis system. Focus gives you access to every camera angle from all available viewpoints in matches and training sessions. With access to every camera angle, staff can tag events and review key moments on a shared timeline, building playlists that can be shared with the athletes at halftime.

“From the first moment, we saw Focus we knew that this would have a major impact on the way we analyze and be key to transforming the club’s performance strategy,” commented Fuchse Berlin Head Coach Jaron Siewert.

“To have access to all the video angles of training and matches with real-time visualisation of crucial game moments will be game-changing for our team and the sport of handball.”

Catapult’s world-leading football solutions

These partnerships extend Catapult’s link with many world-leading football associations. Today, Catapult provides performance solutions to more than 150 federations/associations around the world including current World Cup winners the French Football Federation (FFF), 2021 Copa America winners the Argentina National Team, and Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF).

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Integrated Performance Analytics: Data + Video Analysis

In February 2022, Catapult created the future of professional team analytics with the integration of performance data and video analysis. For the first time, athlete performance data from Catapult’s Vector wearable devices syncs with MatchTracker, the most powerful video analysis application for top-tier teams.

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Integrated performance analytics: User benefits

  1. Contextualized performance insights – Until now, performance staff, video coordinators, and other team personnel had to use multiple systems to analyze training and games. Using multiple systems is costly, not intuitively collaborative, and has caused the analysis workflow to become time-consuming.
  2. Unlocking positional data – Teams without access to optical data have previously missed out on the opportunity to evaluate athlete positioning in-game and during training sessions. Now, this performance data and video solution addresses this challenge by integrating athlete data through built-in wearable GPS tracking.
  3. Improving workflow efficiency – This new data and video solution improves user workflow efficiency, saving precious time. The integration harnesses the best features of performance data and video analysis solutions – connected data, AI-powered tools and sport-specific algorithms – to automatically identify match states and connect physical metrics of involved players.


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