Catapult Launches Hub & Scout App To Revolutionize Football Coaching

Introducing Catapult Hub and Scout App for NFL and NCAA teams

Catapult has proudly unveiled two groundbreaking product solutions catered specifically to the upcoming NFL and NCAA seasons. Meet the Catapult Hub and the Scout App, tools that will transform the way coaches work. Arrange a Demo of these solutions.

Dive Deep into the Features of the Catapult Hub

The Catapult Hub empowers coaches with robust capabilities to construct and disseminate video-focused content and insights within their teams. Through this platform, coaches can present annotated video sessions to educate their athletes. Not just that, the Hub facilitates the creation of tailored cut-ups and presentations, integrating video analysis and player evaluations to pinpoint key plays and measure athlete performance throughout games and seasons.

In addition to its prowess, the Hub’s user-centric design automates data collection processes, liberating coaches from tedious tasks and allowing them to prioritize more critical coaching duties. Plus, all its content is primed for remote collaboration and is accessible on any device.

Catapult’s Chief Product Officer, Matt Bairos, enthusiastically shared, “The Hub is a vital instrument for coaches aiming to elevate athlete education and engagement via an interactive platform. Having witnessed its success in European football, ice hockey, and basketball, we’re thrilled to introduce it to American football.”

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Spotlight on the Revolutionary Catapult Scout App

The Scout App, a trailblazing product in football, promises football teams the ability to assemble in-depth recruitment packages at a pace 20 times faster than before. With features like context-rich video insights, universal device compatibility, and automation capabilities, it offers coaches a significant advantage, saving them precious time and enabling swifter, more informed decisions.

One of the Scout App’s standout features is its optimized Transfer Portal experience, allowing coaches to effortlessly browse through thousands of players and delve into potential recruits across teams and positions. Given the dynamic nature of the NCAA Transfer Portal, where athletes constantly shuffle, recruiting teams often struggle to evaluate athletes promptly. The Scout App changes this narrative by equipping teams to curate a comprehensive recruitment package in minutes.

Catapult’s CEO, Will Lopes:

“The Scout App, like all our solutions, aims to empower coaches with data-driven insights, enabling rapid communication and decision-making. Our ultimate goal remains to furnish coaches with the necessary tools to efficiently evaluate players using game footage, performance metrics, and scouting data.”

Scout App: Catapult's latest solution for American football

Catapult’s Vision and Commitment

By launching the Hub and Scout App, Catapult is reinforcing its commitment to embed video integrations into the coaching process’s very fabric. CEO Will Lopes remarked on this vision, emphasizing, “Our vast experience in football solutions gives us a unique edge in predicting and fulfilling coaches’ future needs.”

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