Catapult Shortlisted for Sports Technology Awards, Best Data & Analytics

We are excited to announce that Catapult has been shortlisted in the Best Tech for Data and Analytics category at the 2023 Sports Technology Awards.

What are the Sports Technology Awards? The Sports Technology Awards are the world’s leading celebration of tech-led innovation in sports. The STA Group aims to recognize and reward those who have made an outstanding contribution to sports technology. From athletes and teams to innovative companies, the STA Group celebrates all those who use technology to improve the world of sports.

Performance data and video hero

Catapult has been recognised for a recently released solution that integrates wearable technology with video to provide coaches with contextualised performance insights. This release was an industry-defining moment, since for the first time athlete performance data from Catapult’s Vector wearable devices syncs with MatchTracker, the most powerful video analysis application for top-tier teams.

Now, every physical metric is connected to video footage, viewable at every game moment. Watch below to learn more:

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User Benefits of Integrated Wearable Technology with Video Analysis

For some time, teams and their coaches have been asking for deeper, more meaningful insights from their data collection and video analysis. Elliott Axtell, Head of Academy Sports Science at Chelsea FC, previously said this:

“Adding context is so important and just having totals isn’t enough anymore. You need to be able to visualise and understand the differences in load leading up to injuries, for example, … and when it comes to sharing your insights with coaches, you should always be looking to add game- or training-based context. Doing so makes it much easier for coaches to understand your reported insights. Telling a story is really what you’re doing with your reporting. Adding context to your insights – say, detailing how much weekly work/load a player has had – is key to determining performance come matchday.”

Matchtracker MT Advanced Analytics Product Webinar

The integrated data and video solution addresses this desire for more contextualised insights and much more:

  1. Contextualized performance insights – Until now, performance staff, video coordinators, and other team personnel had to use multiple systems to analyze training and games. Using multiple systems is costly, not intuitively collaborative, and has caused the analysis workflow to become time-consuming.
  2. Unlocking positional data – Teams without access to optical data have previously missed out on the opportunity to evaluate athlete positioning in-game and during training sessions. Now, this performance data and video solution addresses this challenge by integrating athlete data through built-in wearable GPS tracking.
  3. Improving workflow efficiency – This new data and video solution improves user workflow efficiency, saving precious time. The integration harnesses the best features of performance data and video analysis solutions – connected data, AI-powered tools and sport-specific algorithms – to automatically identify match states and connect the physical metrics of involved players.

Having used the integrated solution for some time, Hannes Dold, Head Of Performance Analysis at FC Köln, said:

“The workflows are just outstanding, you can open presentations in Focus and Matchtracker in parallel, you can share them easily across the entire coaching staff, and everyone can access everything during a game. We can stream live from the stands to the bench. It’s one consistent workflow from A-Z with the respective cloud-sharing solution Hub for players and coaches. That’s why I can only highly recommend it.”

Guide: How To Integrate Athlete Data Into Your Performance Analysis Workflows

Should you be keen to increase the insightfulness of your analysis presentations, and therefore, the impact on team performance you can download our latest guide here.

This guide was written by Catapult Senior Product Manager – Pro Video, Adam Chovan. He writes:

Whether you’re currently using Catapult or are looking to learn more, we hope this guide will help you better understand the direction of how Catapult is driving performance analysis.

Since the initial release of the Catapult Pro Video Platform, teams can now integrate their athlete’s physical data into their performance analysis workflows. This first-of-it’s-kind integration has uncovered several new insights and connected team workflows like never before.

Integrate athlete data into your performance analysis workflows

In this guide, you will learn the following key ways that teams are integrating physical data into their analysis workflows to reshape how performance is understood:

  • BACKGROUND – A brief look into the evolution of integrated analysis.
  • OVERVIEW – Understand how the key products within the Catapult Pro Video platform & its impact across a variety of team roles – coaches, analysts, and performance managers.
  • INSIGHTS – Discover the 5 key insights teams can uncover by integrating athlete data with video.
  • TAKEAWAY – A brief look into the evolution of integrated analysis.

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