Catapult Supports Loughborough University and West Ham United Women Revolutionary Player Development Research

At Catapult Sports, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Loughborough University and West Ham United Women’s Team in a groundbreaking research study to transform women’s football player development.

West Ham United Women's Team in Catapult Vests

In this three-year initiative, we will harness the power of data to enhance the understanding, development, and performance of female football players. 

Rich Ellis, Head of Commercial Partnerships and Sports Facilities at Loughborough University, said:

“We are thrilled to be leading on such a vital piece of research as women’s football continues to go from strength to strength. By collaborating alongside campus partners, West Ham United Women, Catapult Sports, and Kukri, we have collectively brought together some of the best minds in sports performance to deliver a research project that will yield impactful results.”

Investigating the Performance Characteristics of Female Footballers

Led by esteemed academics from Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences, this pioneering research study will delve deeply into the performance characteristics of female footballers, spanning from their youth age to the first-team level. 

Our dedicated researchers will scrutinise various aspects of women’s football, shedding light on the physical demands of matches and how these demands evolve with age and playing level.

Analyzing Training Data for Enhanced Player Preparation

In addition to match performance analysis, our team will meticulously examine training session data, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with player preparation and the evolving demands of the sport. This comprehensive approach will provide invaluable insights into optimising player development.

“Catapult’s history is rooted in research and collaboration, much like this project. With an increasing incidence of injuries in women’s football, particularly long-term injuries like ACL ruptures, the need for this research is paramount,” said Curt Taylor, Catapult Sales Director UK & Africa.

“As the game evolves, it’s crucial to equip female athletes and teams with the tools and insights they require to succeed. We’re proud to provide the technology and ongoing support for this essential research in women’s football, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing performance and reducing injury risk for all.”

Injury Prevention and Management

Understanding the correlation between training intensity, match load, and injuries is paramount in safeguarding player well-being. This study will conduct an in-depth analysis of player injuries, providing critical data that will empower coaches and practitioners to implement effective injury prevention and management strategies.

Dr. Laura Barrett, Lead Researcher and Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University, said:
“Thanks to philanthropic funding from Kukri Sports Ltd and access to innovative Catapult Sports technology we are excited to work with West Ham United FC Women to collect data that is essential for coaches and practitioners to make well-informed decisions on how best to support their players to fulfil their full potential.”

The journey of player development is a continuous one, spanning several years. Through ongoing monitoring, we will determine the expected trajectory of performance characteristics, offering unparalleled insights into player progression.

Catapult Sports is proud to play a pivotal role in this research initiative. Our industry-leading athlete monitoring technology, including specialised devices for goalkeepers and heart rate monitors, will track player performance throughout the research. The software and expertise we provide are integral to the success of this project.

At Catapult Sports, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Loughborough University and West Ham United Women's Team in a groundbreaking research study to transform women's football player development.

A Collective Endeavor

This project underscores the power of collaboration. Loughborough University, West Ham United Women, Catapult Sports, and Kukri Sports have come together to harness the collective expertise of some of the brightest minds in sports performance. We are committed to delivering a research project that promises to yield transformative results.

To stay updated on the progress of this groundbreaking research study and to learn more about our involvement in sports performance analytics, visit Catapult.

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