How Focus is Transforming Video Analysis in NCAA Field Hockey

In the fast-paced world of NCAA Field Hockey, staying ahead of the game is crucial for success. Coaches, video coordinators, and athletes are constantly seeking innovative ways to bully the opposition.

Enter Catapult Pro Video, specifically Focus. A game-changing video analysis technology that is revolutionizing video analysis for NCAA Field Hockey programs across the nation.

“The Focus analysis software has been a great tool for us as a coaching staff at Boston College. The multi-faceted software has allowed us to really step up both our team analysis and scouting of opponents to best prepare us for our season,” said Mark Foster, Associate Head Field Hockey Coach, at Boston College.

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The BC Eagles Field Hockey program is like many others leveraging the Focus video analysis software. This blog hears more from other NCAA field hockey programs and explains how Focus enables programs and teams to capture performance at every moment in real time. 

Coaches can live stream video across multiple wireless devices, automate tagging workflows, and integrate athlete data to analyze performance related to their team’s physical performance. Learn more about Focus here.

Catapult Momentum – Scooping Field Hockey Programs

Wake Forest, Providence, UMass Amherst, and Boston College, to name a few, are all using Focus to support their performance analysis workflows. This adoption indicates the growing momentum behind this revolutionary video analysis technology.

UMass Amherst’s Field Hockey Head Coach, Barbara Weinberg, said:

“Our staff utilizes Focus daily for our scouting and team analysis. It is incredibly user-friendly while also providing a wide variety of data output necessary for the modern game. My favorite features of the product are the editing within presentation mode and the ability to share clips easily with our players. I highly recommend Focus Software.” 

Pro Video: The Game-Changing Workflow

Catapult Pro Video isn’t just about watching game footage; it’s about streamlining the way coaches, video coordinators and athletes understand field hockey.

  • Coaches and athletes – Prepare your team and perform with confidence with deeper insights across your entire organization. 
  • Video coordinators – Take complete control of your analysis workflows. Upload and combine unlimited amounts of data & video from multiple sources to gain a complete picture of your team.

“The ability to have multi-angle capture by both hardwire input as well as IP capture enables us to have multiple views of the game; plus the live streaming to bench capability has enabled informed in-game adjustments to be made,” said Boston College’s Mark Foster.

“The telestration tools in presentation mode have been a great addition to our scouting reports, being able to annotate and highlight key strengths of a team has elevated our scouting capabilities and helped us prepare the team in the best possible way for games.”

Focus’ intuitive workflow and user-friendly interface have made video analysis more accessible and effective than ever before. Kellie Stigas, Providence College Assistant Coach – Field Hockey, said:

“In regards to Hub and Focus, our staff liked how it was user friendly and easy to make a presentation on. It was easy enough when preparing a scout for the week ahead to add tags from multiple games, include screenshots, edit changes within the presentation, and then share with the entire team.”

With Catapult Pro Video, coaches can easily tag key moments in a match, whether it’s a crucial goal or a defensive play that needs improvement. These tagged events can then be quickly accessed for in-depth analysis, helping coaches tailor their training sessions to address specific areas of improvement.

Focus Video Analysis for NCAA Field Hockey: The telestration tools in presentation mode

Moreover, the ability to overlay multiple video angles allows for a comprehensive view of the game, providing insights that were previously hard to come by. This multi-angle approach enables teams to dissect plays from various perspectives, helping them make more informed decisions on strategy and tactics.

Focus Features: Overlay multiple video angles allows for a comprehensive view of the game

Boston College’s Field Hockey Success Story: A Case Study in Excellence

Boston College (BC) has emerged as one of the shining examples of how Catapult Pro Video can elevate NCAA Field Hockey teams. Their adoption of this technology has not only improved their performance on the field but has also enhanced the overall athlete experience.

Boston College Field Hockey

To learn more about BC’s journey with Catapult Pro Video, read their success story here. It’s a testament to the transformational power of this cutting-edge technology.

Future of Video Analysis in NCAA Field Hockey

As NCAA Field Hockey teams continue to strive for excellence, Focus is leading the charge in transforming video analysis. With an impressive roster of top teams on board and a workflow that simplifies analysis, it’s clear that the future of Field Hockey is in the hands of those who embrace innovation.

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