How Latest Pro Video Innovations for NBA and NCAA Basketball Elevate Team Staff

As the new NBA, NCAA, and international basketball seasons tip-off, Catapult has announced a series of innovations to its Basketball Pro Video Suite. These innovations will provide teams with enhanced insights and time-saving workflows.

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Basketball Pro Video Innovations

What’s New with Basketball Pro Video?

With an enhanced data integration, teams can now blend third-party event data with athlete wearable data in one click. This delivers deep insights directly alongside video content.

Catapult now offers seamless integration with third-party event data providers, such as Synergy Sports. This development brings a holistic view of performance to the forefront. As such, this allows teams to enhance training and game preparation strategies with unprecedented precision.

Smarter Presentation Tools Saving Time

Catapult has also rolled out smarter tools for presentations. These include animated annotations, court perspective features, and improved full-screen modes, all accessible from any device. These tools not only save time but also allow for the more effective communication of performance insights.

Basketball Pro Video Suite: Smarter Presentation Tools Saving Time

Real-Time Insights for In-Game Decisions

With Catapult’s Pro Video Suite, coaches now have the ability to stream video, tag data, and share insights in real-time from the bench. This live feature, nested within Focus, is set to empower coaches to make informed decisions swiftly, backed by robust data and insights.

See the Bigger Picture with Multi-Game Analysis

Another noteworthy addition is the capability to conduct multi-game analyses simultaneously. This feature gives video coordinators and coaches the ability to view and compare data across different matches in one custom output view.

A Commitment to Empowering Teams

The Pro Video Suite is a testament to Catapult’s commitment to innovation. The basketball suite is playing a key role in elevating coaches into a new era of sports strategy and analysis. Catapult’s growth is propelled by its dedication to delivering a complete suite of advanced solutions that set new standards in the world of elite sports.

NBA and NCAA teams using Catapult's basketball solutions

For coaching staff and video coordinators keen on gaining an edge this coming basketball season, exploring Catapult’s Pro Video Suite is an invaluable next step. By embracing these innovations, teams can not only save time but also gain deeper insights that could make the difference between winning and just competing.

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From Anywhere, At Any Time

Seamless Sharing and Intuitive Tools at Your Fingertips

The era of cumbersome video analysis is over. Now, Catapult’s video analysis platform enables effortless sharing and collaborative workflows. This ensures that your team stays connected, whether on the court or across the globe. With intuitive presentation tools and efficient data visualizations embedded within the Pro Video Platform, insights into performance are clearer and more accessible than ever.

SEAMLESS SHARINGShare, edit, and view video, Presentations, and insights on any device or location.

Everything You Need In One Platform

Step into a comprehensive ecosystem where capturing, analyzing, planning, and sharing every aspect of performance is not just a possibility but a streamlined reality. With Catapult’s cutting-edge technology, the full spectrum of team and player performance is at your command, ready to be leveraged to its full potential.

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