Precision Indoors: Gloucester Rugby’s Journey to Quality Data with ClearSky

In the realm of sports technology, collecting real-time data of the utmost quality is paramount. However, this becomes a significant challenge when training transitions indoors. Fortunately, Catapult’s ClearSky (Vector S7 indoor) LPS technology offers the solution, and very few exemplify it better than Gloucester Rugby.

Gloucester Rugby ClearSky

Navigating Indoor Limitations: The ClearSky Installation at Gloucester 

Traditional GPS systems, primarily crafted for the outdoors, struggle when indoors as you cannot access satellites. As such, this hampers the accuracy of athlete monitoring data.

Gloucester Rugby faced this very conundrum: “How could they achieve outdoor-level precision indoors?” Their answer lay in adopting the ClearSky technology. *Technically, ClearSky’s precision is significantly higher than GPS.

Daniel Tobin, Head of Performance, Gloucester Rugby, said: 

“Before we integrated ClearSky into our training programme, moving training sessions indoors was a bit of a nightmare from a data perspective. We were constantly grappling with data inaccuracies, which as you can imagine, isn’t ideal in a sport as dynamic as rugby.”

Quality Focus: Diving into Catapult’s ClearSky (Vector S7 indoor)

Constructed specifically for indoor challenges, ClearSky doesn’t compromise on data quality. With its cutting-edge local positioning system, it guarantees consistent data capture, regardless of the training environment.

Highlighting ClearSky’s exceptional features:

  • Precision: ClearSky promises data of the highest quality, even in scenarios of swift player movements.
  • Unified Metrics: From tracking heart rates to measuring accelerations, it captures every performance nuance.
  • Sports-specific algorithms: Since the Vector S7 device is constant, all sports-specific metrics (e.g., Contact Involvement, Scrum, and Kick) are consistently captured.
  • Ease of Use: The same Vector S7 device works seamlessly both indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need for multiple devices and ensuring players are not burdened with frequent changes.
ClearSky fixed positions in a rugby stadium

The Outcome of Gloucester Rugby’s Adoption

Embracing the ClearSky technology was transformative for Gloucester Rugby. With consistent monitoring across different environments, the team could devise steadfast training methodologies, tailor programs for individual players, and address injury concerns proactively.

“Since adopting ClearSky, it feels like we’ve removed a massive roadblock in our path. The transition between indoor and outdoor sessions is now seamless, allowing us to focus on what really matters – enhancing player performance and pushing the boundaries of what Gloucester Rugby can achieve,” said Tobin.

Catapult’s Distinctive Edge: The ClearSky Promise 

In the densely populated world of sports tech, ClearSky’s commitment to indoor precision sets Catapult apart. For rugby teams that frequently resort to indoor training due to unpredictable weather or off-season schedules, ClearSky’s impeccable data accuracy is indispensable.

Moreover, the non-invasive nature of the ClearSky system and Catapult’s renowned customer support further accentuate its appeal.

In conclusion, as the world of sports technology continues to evolve, technology solutions will define the future. With teams like Gloucester Rugby championing the integration of ClearSky, the potential for enhanced athlete performance and well-being is boundless.

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