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Learn about the different teams and department within our organization



Learn about the different teams and department within our organization








Our Sales department makes up over 20% of Catapult’s total employee base. These employees are responsible for networking, account management and maximizing Catapult’s revenue streams by selling Catapult products into a multitude of clients competing across over 35 sports different sports globally. The sales team works with elite/college and amateur teams all over the world and represent the Catapult brand to the outside world. They possess first class knowledge of our product portfolio and build connections with leaders across the sports industry. Our sales roles can take you to countries all over the world as we continue to grow and develop our global markets with different teams, franchises and athletes. The roles within the department are accessible to all, be they entry level graduates interested in beginning a career in Sales in the sports tech sector or experienced senior executives focused on building and managing global teams.


The Marketing department at Catapult are responsible for the promotion of both the Catapult brand and specific products. They are in charge of both the maintenance and growth of the Catapult brand across all sports and sectors. By focusing on promotional avenues that are both tried and tested and also creating innovative solutions to break into new markets, the overarching goal of the Marketing team is to increase brand awareness of Catapult worldwide and also reach as many potential Catapult clients as possible. Working at the first point of the Sales life cycle, the marketing department will drive the number of new leads available for the Sales team to capitalize on. Subsequently there is a natural relationship and link between these 2 areas of the business.


The Licensing department within Catapult are responsible for the monetization of online materials, for use by outside entities. Catapult represents the footage libraries for hundreds of schools, leagues, and sports organizations across the world. From NFL to football, if anyone is in need of sports footage for their editorial, commercial, or film projects, then the Catapult licensing team are the leading source of these materials. A slightly smaller area of the business than Sales or Marketing, the licensing team is a great place for candidates to either start or develop their career within an intimate set up.

Product & Tech


Engineering is at the heart of what we do as we develop new technologies to be used by athletes in sports across the globe. Catapult develops hardware products that use the latest GPS, LPS and IOT technologies to provide real time analytics platforms for athletes and coaches to measure and improve performance. Catapult also provides data and video-based performance analysis software for international elite sports. .

We believe that our customers deserve the best platform and we are on a mission to maximise and enhance their performance through delivering a high quality experience. Our software engineers match this ethos by taking responsibility for constantly improving productivity and development of self and be able to excel in a fast-paced environment with short project timelines from conception to deployment.

Hardware & Firmware

The hardware and firmware team designs the wearable tech and edge computing technology running in training facilities and stadiums that improves performance of athletes.

This team using cutting edge technology to bring measurements previously only available in the lab, to the field, and to use it live in sporting environments

Work closely with software engineering teams to create the best user experiences and device management. Allowing users to get to their data as fast and easily as possible


The Catapult product team is at the forefront of innovation in the sports technology industry empowering sports scientists, performance coaches and athletes to conduct deep analysis of Athlete performance. The product team is extremely collaborative and will work closely with our customers and engineering teams to bring their designs to life.

Our product team are involved in:

  • Conducting Customer and Market Research
  • Developing Product Strategy and Roadmap
  • Defining the User Experience and Designing User Interfaces
  • Managing Development Priorities
  • Communicating Features, Benefits and Roadmaps to Internal Stakeholders
  • Working with Product Marketing to Define Product Messaging, Develop Sale Collateral and Design Marketing Campaigns
  • Working with Customer Success and Support on Training Materials and Rolling Out New Features.


Product Support acts as the first line of support for all of our customers. This department provides essential product knowledge and assistance to both of our Tactics and Coaching (Video) and Performance and Health (GPS Wearable) clients. This support is provided in a number of ways, from email and call handling, through to remote, online technical support and in person demo’s and maintenance.

Product Support serves as a great way to enter into life as a Catapult employee. Seniority in role can vary, from entry level through the Vice President; there’s a role at pretty much every level. With this being such a product heavy department, it is vital that those interacting with our clients on a daily basis are knowledgeable not only about the products and services that we provide, but also on the industries of Sports Technology, Sports Performance and Sports Analysis, and of the vast array of challenges faced by those coaches, analysts and support staff that use our products and services on a daily basis. More often than not, the staff that make up our Product Support teams have first hand experience using our offerings and working directly within the environments that they were designed to enhance.

Customer Success

Entry into our Customer Success team requires more experience than other departments within the Operations department. This is due to the level of responsibility this team has over the retention and growth of our existing client accounts. As the go-to for queries, bug-fixes and future requests, It is critical that our team members have extensive, first hand experience using the full array of Catapult products available to their particular client base. Not only do they have to be able to demonstrate product and industry knowledge , they must also ensure that regular communication is kept up with all assigned client accounts. Not only does this make sure that they are aware of all future product/software updates and releases, this also provides an opportunity for us to gain feedback from our clients directly on what works well, what doesn’t, and what they want to see from the products available moving forward.

Customer Success is somewhat of a hybrid department, with its primary focus being on the retention and growth of existing client accounts, there is a responsibility and a target set for New Business Development for each member of the Customer Success team. Bridging the gap between Product Support and Sales, Customer Success operates to continue the customer journey after the completion of an initial deal. This would include taking the lead on onboarding new customers onto the platform, through online/in-person product demonstrations, product (software/hardware) training and giving examples of best practice when implementing products and services.



The People and Culture (P&C) department is an integral cog in the overall Catapult team. P&C is a far more progressive approach to managing, developing and implementing all things people and culture within the organisation, which is a little less policy focused and slightly more holistic and people orientated than your traditional HR function. When led correctly, this approach tends to create a more positive working environment for the wider business. As it says in the name here at Catapult the People we have helped to shape the amazing Culture throughout the company and the P&C team helps to support this globally. As a function we have P&C across the Globe in the US, EMEA and AUSPAC. Day to day our P&C function helps to support the full employee life-cycle of our employees, but most importantly, operates to embed our values and culture into our wider organisation, from senior leadership to entry level.

As a department, P&C encompasses many different types of roles and responsibilities. At Catapult, these include partnering with the business on all things Talent Acquisition, ER (Employee Relations), Case Handling, Learning and Development, Centers of Excellence Reward and Benefit and building out a sustainable Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging model. Positions within this department can range from entry level up to senior and experienced people management hires.


The Finance function within Catapult holds primary responsibility over planning for, obtaining and managing company funds. The work of the Finance function is broken down into smaller sub-teams and departments within the overall Finance Parent function. These functions are each responsible for their own area of expertise, and are inclusive of Analysis, Planning, Accounts Payable and Financial Accounting. Similar to other functions within the Operations department at Catapult, we have varying levels of entry to the Finance team, depending on previous experience and the needs and requirements of the business. Currently, our finance department is made of a vast array of experience and backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, operating out of our three primary locations globally in Leeds (UK), Boston (US) and Australia (APAC).


The Legal department at Catapult plays a major role in Catapult’s overall company business. The department manages a range of functions including global sales contract reviews, legal advice on issues such as transactions, disputes, and litigation; managing a growing portfolio of intellectual property, and the oversight and enhancement of Catapult’s legal compliance, policies, and systems. Within the department, the team acts as internal legal advisors on all intellectual property matters, including working with internal stakeholders and external counsel to manage, build, protect, and enforce Catapult’s asset portfolio.

In addition, the Legal team works to keep abreast of market developments and changes in laws that may impact Catapults’ business; ensuring compliance throughout, particularly to sports law, data privacy, and data security issues.


The IT Department is an integral part of Catapult’s day to day operations. The IT department is responsible for developing and implementing Catapult’s IT governance framework, which is inclusive of its underlying policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines for the company. The department consists of numerous team members who’s work varies from configuration/setup of systems for new employees/servers for various departments to maintenance/improvement of the overall IT infrastructure and systems to monitoring the changes/advancements within technology to discover ways the company might be able to gain a competitive advantage.

The IT Department is truly Catapult’s backbone when it comes to supporting the company’s employees by not only assisting end users with any desktop related issues that arise on a daily basis, but also by participating in the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and support of all the company’s networking, hardware, and software based on business needs.



We are committed to bringing in early talent via our Graduate and our Internship Programs for key functions across Catapult. Whether you are still studying and looking to bring your discipline to life through a 12 week, paid-placement OR, you have graduated and now seeking a graduate-placement with a leading sports tech organization, Catapult can be a great chapter in your career.

You could be joining teams in the F1 space, working on Premier League or NBA accounts whilst on a placement or program with us. Each year, we take on a few Interns and Graduates for Technology, Product, Customer Success, and other functions.

During your time with us, you will get tangible and practical experience in your chosen discipline, you will get to collaborate with various teams, build friendships and enjoy social events. All interns and Grads also benefit from a mentor who you can call on when needed during the program. We also help you build your networking profile for future use.

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